Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a movie review

"He who is not busy being born, is busy dying."

That, is what this movie was all about. I went to see it last night at The Broadway Theater in downtown Salt Lake. And I have to say I really enjoyed it, enough to recommend it even. It's a unique story that focuses on a young teenager, facing, what would seem, the regular struggles of our day. Overwhelmed with thoughts of suicide he decides to commit himself. In the adult psychiatric ward he discovers many things about himself while looking through the eyes of those around him.

I thought this material, which could seem very dark and heavy, was realistically displayed, all with a simple and honest sense of humour. It had just the right touch of making the characters real but bearable to watch and laugh with/at. It was touching, simple, and funny, but brings to light many things that we all are struggling with and teaches us how to just "deal" with what life throws at us.

Not like this show didn't have it's pitfalls, a few crude parts that I thought could have been left out, but also not so crude that I wouldn't recommend it.

If you have the time, go and see it. The acting was surprisingly fantastic and the themes surprisingly poignant. The main boy in it I would totally adopt for my younger brother, what a sweetie. Go here for a summary/analysis if you want to totally spoil it for yourself, I suggest watching it first and then reading it.

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