Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i love technology, but not as much as you you see. but i still love technology. always and forever.... always and, sniff, forever...

So yesterday I forgot my phone. Wow. Talk about withdrawals! I did the same thing on Friday (okay just to clarify what might seem like a common occurrence, it's NOT, I never forget my phone). I felt nakie. On top of that our computers and the phones at my job didn't work for about half the day. It was the weirdest day. I mean, what was life like before cell phones, texting, email and internet? I can barely remember. Okay I totally remember, but I just don't like to.

Remember when you set up your first email? Remember when you sent your first text? {Dave taught me how to use T9 when we were dating back in our BYU days}. Remember when sending and receiving texts were like 15 cents a pop? Remember when you were in school and used to have to look everything up at the library, in books? My mom actually "bought" a phone number with a PIN that we could use for emergencies at any pay phone, before a cell phone entered my life. Remember when cell phones were for 'emergencies only' (well in my family anyway)? I don't even have a home phone now.

Yesterday I totally felt like an addict being weaned off a drug. No surfing the internet! (not like I do that at work anyway...), not texting, no email, no calling anyone on the drive home. Whew, hope I never have to be without it again. I might just sleep with it tonight.

A side note: why in the world are pillows (or pellows as we say in Utah) so freakin expensive! I really want these pillows from Target but they're like $50 a piece. Are they lined with gold or something? Sigh. Aren't they cute for Christmas? Maybe if I'm a super good girl... no wait, what am I thinking? Even for Christmas I don't think I'd spend that much on pellows.


ariel said...

i actually do sleep with my phone in hand... but only because we don't have a clock in our room and i have to know when to feed the baby :)

{honestly, though, i get notifications from hotmail and if i get an email in the middle of the night, i'll totally wake up to read it. pathetic.}

and ooooh they are pretty PILLOWS. i didn't know that was a utah thing?? it drives me a little bonkers when i hear people say pellow.

man, i should just call you to chat instead of leaving novel comments on your blog posts :)

dave + kirst said...

call me anytime ariel, would love to chat about pellows and such :0

Anonymous said...

good to catch up with you sista. We should play soon. That movie looks good. Cute pillows-I can't believe they're fifty at target?? weird! I love world market pillows :) I took my bridals today, and the fur you suggested worked like a charm! Thanks for you obsession with blogs, that inspired you with that great idea.