Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what didn't happen last weekend?

First, my little sister Breanne got engaged to boyfriend Addison. Date for the wedding: December 13th! That makes all six kids married, in the temple. My mom might just have a heart-attack ;)

Second, my oldest sister Mylissa delivered her fifth, yes fifth, baby boy. Last I checked they were thinking of calling him Louis (or Lewis) Spencer Graham. Nice job Myliss!

Third, my Evans family reunion was awesome. I love family. And I'm so lucky to have such an awesome support system, not just in my immediate family, but the extended family as well. Thanks for the fun time family! The ropes course, accidental six mile hike, and games were tons of fun.

Fourth, we did the final walk-through on our house on Monday (which I'm counting as the weekend), and we're set to close on September 7th, moving on September 11th! Craziness, especially since we're going on a few trips that extend from August 26th-September 6th.... when am I going to pack?? But we're totally excited! It looks beautiful. So sad to leave our awesome ward though, perhaps we can still persuade some of you to join us? Pretty please?!

Pictures to follow... (yes, I know I keep saying this but downloading the pics and getting them all up takes so much time and I have so little with packing, cleaning, getting ready for our trip... yada yada yada. Someday soon you'll have some pictures to feast your eyes on ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I feel like a snake...

...crawling out of it's dead skin. Oh how I hate sunburns that peel! Because of my fair skin and red-headedness I try to never get burned. It's just so easy for me if I miss a spot with the sunscreen, which is exactly what happened. And now I get to face the consequences; completely uncomfortable itchiness on sensitive, raw skin. Can life get worse? Yes, most definitely. But right now I'm just praying it goes away before our D.C. trip - I do not want to be on an airplane or in a car for several hours itching away...

On a side note: has anyone ever seen the Flash Flood video of the redheads on the subway in New York with the guy selling sun screen? Love it. You might have to be a redhead to completely appreciate it. Google it ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm off to an Evans family reunion in Hebs, UT! (that's Heber for the locals, well it could be anyway...). Tell you what, I'd LOVE life if I had one of these awesome T's for my reunion. Too fun.

A good deed a day...

Love these. So comfortable. Bought these Toms shoes for our D.C. trip where we'll be running around. And the awesome thing about these shoes is that
for every pair that is bought, one pair will be donated to a kid around the world.
One for one.
So I felt pretty good about my good deed for the day
(albeit it's kind of a selfish deed because I get wear a rockin pair as well.... but really, who's checking?).

Buy one, or two, or three, and help a kid out. Plus you get to look cute at the same time!
It's a win-win.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where in the world...

Oh my poor buns and back. They're burnt to a crip. (Not my buns, per se, more like the back of my thighs - still no fun. TMI? Probably.)

So to soothe my buns I had a Merlin's raspberry shake.

Any idea where we went this weekend?

Photos to follow... (but not of the buns ;)