Thursday, August 19, 2010

A good deed a day...

Love these. So comfortable. Bought these Toms shoes for our D.C. trip where we'll be running around. And the awesome thing about these shoes is that
for every pair that is bought, one pair will be donated to a kid around the world.
One for one.
So I felt pretty good about my good deed for the day
(albeit it's kind of a selfish deed because I get wear a rockin pair as well.... but really, who's checking?).

Buy one, or two, or three, and help a kid out. Plus you get to look cute at the same time!
It's a win-win.


ariel said...

super cute! i love them.

i am having a huge shoe dilemma this week. i may have to beg sean to let me buy some because at this point, i'm going to be wearing flip flops the whole trip!

dave + kirst said...

get them! they're crazy comfortable. but know that they're canvas and can stretch so you should buy a half size down from what you normally wear. i exchanged mine after i found that out.

TyandMar said...

Hey, just like me. Did you get those exact red ones?! Those are mine, too. Sisters, sisters...