Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In the absence of my TV, I guess I'll write a post...

Um I guess I should post something. It's been awhile huh? I just have nothing to tell all two of you that read this! We've been pretty lame all through the end of July. And pretty toasted. Geesh it's been so hot. Well here's a few things to give you insight into our ever-fascinating lives ;)

Our DVR is acting RETARDED! We didn't even get to watch the entire 'Men Tell All - Bachelorrete' because our DVR decided to 1) not fast-forward fast enough and 2) not stop fast-forwarding! After that it was all downhill because now I can't even change the channel or watch any of my other recorded stuff. It's stuck on some show on Starz about a serial killer. Those shows are a no-can-do for wuss-Kirsten. I can't handle 'em.

Oh we did go to Cedar City this weekend with quite a bit of my family. Went to the Shakespeare Festival over the 24th which has kinda become a tradition. (BTW, if you go down the Cedar over the 24th, just know their parade is super lame ;) But make sure to go to the little carnival they have on Main Street because the food there is awesome.) I did not take ONE picture down in Cedar, notta-one. I think I'm just getting lazy. I think all this heat is just making me lazy. Yup.

We saw two awesome plays there, Much Ado About Nothing (and if you haven't seen the Kenneth Branaugh and Emma Thompson version then you need to get yourself to Blockbuster and watch it - or you can borrow it from me), and the stage version of Pride and Prejudice; which surprisingly was hilarious, well-performed, and moved at a great pace. Nice job Shakespeare Festival 2010! We'll be back next year.

Let's see.... just finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol in my preparation for going to D.C. at the end of next month - meh. I kind of had hard time with that book honestly. I thought some parts were good, others unbelievable and over all it was just too much info that he tried to tie in to make it believable. His whole point of the book though - that wisdom from a Higher Power throughout all the ages points to this enlightened idea of letting us mortals know that we do indeed have the potential to become like God, to in fact become Gods ourselves...um did he even study the Mormon religion? That's kind of what what our whole religion is about. Of course that's our mission in life - doesn't that just make sense? That's why we are here; for a higher purpose and the hope that we can constantly continue to progress. Maybe that's why I had a hard time with it, because I kept thinking "duh." It's interesting to note that although he points out that many religions insinuate we can become like God and the power is within us, the Mormon religion is always singled out as radical for that exact belief....

Wow. Sorry for that long tangent. Apparently I did have a lot to say after all :) I'll sign off now and get off my soapbox!

Monday, July 19, 2010

a movie review

It was awesome. So conceptually awesome. I think I might have to see it again to really work it out in my mind because it was so twisty. Don't see it when you're tired because you'll need your mind to keep up and you can't risk falling asleep (Dave? ahem.)

Wonderful, wonderful cast, amazing affects, and it leaves you wanting more. One of the best I've seen in a long time.

Go see this movie, you won't regret it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ty's outdoor concert

I went to my brother Tyler's outdoor concert last Friday and wanted to say - nice job bro! You were fantastic.
Adorable nephew, Henry, who asked me after sitting with me awhile, "are you mom?" To which I replied "haha, no Henry." He sat for a moment and then said, "ooh... you're Kirsten." Then he picked up a bag and asked "can I eat this? What is this?" I said "oh that's dog poop Henry" (it was bagged cotton candy ;). He said, "oooooh.....(pause), do we eat dog poop?" What a funny kid! He's only 2 1/2, give him some slack ;)

Fun summer so far. Don't want it to ever end.

Friday, July 9, 2010

a summer Saturday, as it should be

A few weeks ago Dave was a sweetheart and decided to spend a Saturday doing whatever I wanted to do, which was pretty awesome. First we tried out a new place for breakfast called The Original Pancake House in Sugarhouse and it was delectable. The best hot chocolate I've had, hands down. Also the banana pancakes with tropical syrup was awesome. Then we went to a store I've always wanted to visit but never had time, a consignment store called Home Again. It's a tad pricey for me but still gave me good ideas. Next we walked over to Barnes and Noble, to check out some books. After that we spent a few hours reading at one of my favorite places, Sugarhouse Park. We ended the day having a BBQ at my brother's house and playing outdoor games.

A perfect day in my opinion.

Cute chair and rocking horse...

I really liked this chair but Dave thought it was terribly uncomfortable, expensive (which it was) and too girly. Meh... maybe he was right. Maybe not.

I really liked that white basket thing...

Oh I thought this was kind of ironic... the teen books were right next to the expecting mothers section...

This book took the cake. Luche Libre (Family Portraits). Have you seen Nacho Libre? It portrays several Mexican entertainment wrestlers, with their families. Have you visited Awkwardfamilyphotos.com? Mix the two together and you get this book. Awesomeness. You should all check it out on your next BN visit.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a house update

Our house is getting closer and closer to completion, kind of making me nervous/excited. They have most of the insulation up and have started on the sheet rock. Craziness. We're super excited though. When we went to visit we headed over to a little lake nearby with some fields. I decided it would be a fun place to take pictures in the future and made Dave be my model... of which he hated every moment ;)

Couldn't decide which picture I liked more. Opinions? It looks a little swampy but it was very beautiful. Some disgruntled geese and ducks got mad at us as we tried to walk along the path. They were sitting right in our way so we steered clear but they all got up and started quacking and batting their wings, making sure we knew they could take us.

Ta-da! Not bad yeah?

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of july = summer = happiness

If I'm not careful this weekend, this could be me..... probably will be. Make no judgements.Dave and I have been going on lots and lots of late night walks almost nightly because it's just so absolutely, beautifully warm. I told Dave the other night that I really want to sleep out on a trampoline like ASAP. He thought we were a little too grown up for that but I say 'what the hay?' let's find some friendly neighbor and become squatters on their trampoline for the night. Who's with me??! We used to do it all the time as kids during those warm summer nights. Granted we usually pooped out around 4 am when we were freezing or when the springlers came on (mom... you were supposed to turn them off for us! ahem.) But fun, fun nights spent talking and looking up at the stars. Can't life be simple like that again please? Can I say I'm soooo excited for this long, wonderful, warm (but not too warm), weekend! It's going to be full of bbq's backyard bands, swimming, FOOD, friends, and family. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

Happy Fourth Friends!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hurray!, again

Since we're first time home buyers we were really hoping for that awesome tax credit. But since we're building, our home won't be completed until around the end of August and we would miss it. For the last few weeks Dave and I have been watching with bated breath to see if the House and the Senate were going to put through and extension which would allow us to get an $8,000 tax return. The first time it went through the House but not the senate and we cried a little but got over it. But we just found out this morning that they have finally put through a modified version of it which will still get us 8 grand! Wahoo! Guess that's going to go in our savings for a rainy day or to make our house payments in advance... (nothing like paying for a vacation to Greece or anything Dave?) Awesome, awesome news.


These friends just joined my books shelves yesterday!
I love these books.
Such good summer reads.

{And only $30, including shipping, on Amazon.com (my other bff), what a steal.}