Friday, June 25, 2010

random fun

Remember that peanut butter frosting? I put it on brownies... oh my. Ooooh my.
Look at this adorable baby chair! If only I were prego, if only I had an extra $75 and if only I could have fit it in my car...

Went to my cousin Jessie's wedding and she was absolutely adorable. Look at her cute head veil (which my other super cute cousin, Alycia, made). Gorgeous dress, fun party, good food. I was sold.

(Although I didn't get to eat any of the wedding cake.... and that seriously was hard for me. Seriously. I am a connoisseur of wedding cakes my friends. I mean they cost like what? $400 minimum. Yeah, I'm gonna eat it. I actually love fondant. Don't know many who do? Now you know one ;D)

Ok so I know this picture above is an awkward picture but it showed the detail on her dress and her head veil (I really don't know if that's what you call it but I think you all know what I mean).

Congrats you two!
We love your faces.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a few items

Ok I'm not really the type of person who watches sports on TV, like ever (unless you count the Olympics or the occasional gymnastics meet), but I have been getting into the World Cup. I think, aside from me actually enjoying playing soccer, I love that like the entire world is watching. I love that the rest of the world is just crazy-insane over this sport. And I love that America is finally getting into it. But most of all, I love how awesome America is doing! We watched the last 15 minutes or so of last night's game and it was seriously awesome! That point scored during the last minute??! Incredible. I don't think we're going to win or even come close but I think America is finally putting a foothold in this game the rest of the world has been playing for years. 'Bout time.

Other awesome news - our home is going to be in the Utah Parade of Homes! Now let me just clarify, it won't be our actual home mind you, but the model home like 5 houses down from ours that is the exact same model - so it's like our home. Got it? Yeah, I think it's still pretty exciting. If you visit those parade homes, like I know many do, it's #10 on the list and our home is right down the street so you can get two for one and walk through our lovely framed home. Hurray!

Friday, June 18, 2010

sad day

So our Saturn, dubbed 'the golden oldie', is experiencing difficulties... grave, grave, difficulties.

When we bought the hud three years ago (yup. you heard me. the hud.) it didn't have AC. We steamed through an entire summer, drenched in our own sweat; gross but true, and when we finally saved up enough the following summer we got the AC fixed. And joyous day! It worked even better then our newly-leased Mazda ($700 some odd dollars later.... geesh).

However, this last Saturday our AC began to feel like I had a blow dryer inside and it was viciously trying to fry off my face :( Come to find out, after taking it to the dreaded Firestone, they told us that a cruel little rock decided to jump into the AC condenser and ruin our sweet, cool, rockin ride in the golden oldie (something that happens rarely, almost never, I'm told). Oh and the total to get it fixed, nay not fixed - completely replaced, per their recommendation: $860. Whaaa???? It's true.

Needless to say a second opinion from our good, true friends Haugen's in Farmington was in order. I can not sing their praises more highly - they have saved us bukoos of $$ time and again. Why didn't we go to them in the first place? Well they're a tad farther away then we would like when dropping off the car on the way to work. We think that they are THE only honest and true place to go to.

We took it there, he gave it the same diagnosis but instead of replacing the year old AC in it's entirety, he said he could patch it up for $70-90. Um, yes please. Turns out that when he got in there he did end up replacing the whole unit because it would cost about the same with the labor(which hopefully means it will last longer as well). Total: $390. Bleh. Heckuv a lot better then $860 though {still a low blow when we just got it replaced last year...}.

Oh well! That's life and all it's ups and downs I guess. I'm just glad we have someone to go to for car troubles that we can trust.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

happy birthday my love!

What a cute, studly man my husband is...

My, how time flies!
When I met you you were 25 - now 32
(although you don't look it of course ;)

How lucky I am to have such a sweet, hard-working husband.
I hope you have a fabulous birthday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'd rather be poor than fat...

Can I say that?

I think that keeping up a good diet takes so much time and money for fresh, green food and all the rest.....

C'est la vie.

I say it again: I'd rather be poor than fat ;)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ever since I got bangs and my sister dyed her hair red people think we're the same person, even family will have to do double takes (and boyfriends almost give hugs to married sisters... awkward! ;) My little sis Breanne and I are #5 and #6 in the family and are about 5 1/2 yrs apart. Both of us love to do plays, sing and guess who all the actors are and what other shows they've been on whenever we watch movies. Since I forced Bre to watch all the same old shows I did growing up (older sister prerogative) we can pretty much quote the same movies. Many times I'll quote a movie no one knows and sigh, "Oh Bre would have known that."

Her show is starting in a week and I invite you all to see it! She's starring in
The Wedding Singer
at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley. She's Julia Gulia. And she's awesome.

It's playing June 15 - July 31st and she's in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 12:30pm cast.

Come one, come all and support my lil sista!

Friday, June 4, 2010

oh boy

I made these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes Tuesday night and about died they were so good!! And they were a hit at the birthday party I took them to and at work the next day. Word to the wise, just eat them and don't ask how many calories they are (fyi that means they're amazing ;)

Go to this food blog (of which I'm a cook!) to get the easy recipe.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

jackson hole part 2

We did lots of fun things in Jackson Hole, mostly played games and ate, so obviously I was happy.

I made everyone, everyone being mostly me and Addison, complete this 500 piece puzzle in like and an hour and half.

Played picture scavenger hunt and it was awesome. This is the boys' team doing the 'we all fit in here?' picture.

Went to an awesome ice cream store in downtown Jackson, Moo's. If you haven't been you seriously need to. It was way better than I even imagined, try the cookies and cream and be ready for heaven to slid down your throat right into your happy belly.

We {impromtu} invented a game that had us all laughing hysterically. It involved a table, one piece of popcorn, goalies, no hands and lots of air! Popcorn soccer. Oh we were laughing so hard we couldn't even play! Thanks Myliss for getting those moments on camera, can't wait to watch them at next year's family reunion.

meet the family

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Jackson Hole with my family, the Briggs. And we had a ball. I took so many pictures that I thought I would do them in increments. These are pictures of us from our hike through Jenny Lake and it was awesome. We took a ferry across the lake and then hiked up to Hidden Falls with the whole family - 23 of us + one boyfriend (that's you Addison). Let me introduce you to my family (well some of them):

Me and sis in law Maryann..

Her cute son on the right, Harrison, and little Jimmy on the left, holding hands for the pic, the only way to make them hold still.

All the nieces and nephews (notice almost allll boys, only two girls).

Jimmy and dad Wayne.

No idea who those cheesy goofs are....

Another pair of cheesy goofs....

The smerf, a.k.a. Lucy.

Jed and Emma (we call them Jemma).

My sis Mylissa and her cute boy Owen.

Owen and my doppelganger (also little sister), Breanne.

Aw, a super awesome couple apparently. Two pictures!

The people who started it all....
mum and dad ;)

Yes it was a chilly hike if you can't tell but we all had a fabulous time. Hikes short enough where all those little boys can make it - my kind of hike :D

More pictures to follow...