Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ever since I got bangs and my sister dyed her hair red people think we're the same person, even family will have to do double takes (and boyfriends almost give hugs to married sisters... awkward! ;) My little sis Breanne and I are #5 and #6 in the family and are about 5 1/2 yrs apart. Both of us love to do plays, sing and guess who all the actors are and what other shows they've been on whenever we watch movies. Since I forced Bre to watch all the same old shows I did growing up (older sister prerogative) we can pretty much quote the same movies. Many times I'll quote a movie no one knows and sigh, "Oh Bre would have known that."

Her show is starting in a week and I invite you all to see it! She's starring in
The Wedding Singer
at Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley. She's Julia Gulia. And she's awesome.

It's playing June 15 - July 31st and she's in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 12:30pm cast.

Come one, come all and support my lil sista!


TyandMar said...

Cute girls! :)

atec said...

That really is impressive! Tell Bre hi for me, sure wish I could be there