Sunday, December 7, 2008

Putting Blogs Together is Tough!

The original blog starts at the bottom. So I have this all backwards.

"Yes, we bombed Pearl Harbor!"

"We have to sleep where?"


45 feet up and switching health insurance...I was more nervous than Kirst

Can you see Kirst?

This picture is classic!

Steph? PDA? Steph?

So would this be a loss or a win Josh?

Check out the hair!

This was right before Kelty fell over the edge.

This was after we pulled her out.

Good Time in Hawaii Part 2

Ok, so I had to create a separate blog because I am a rookie blogger and didn't know how to add pictures without screwing up the stuff I had already written.

Isn't my husband so hot! Seriously, I am so glad I married him!

You know what they say about red heads.

Goal? What Goal?

Good Time in Hawaii

It seems that everyone in my family is posting pictures of our trip to Hawaii, so I am feeling a bit left out. So here are some of my favorites. Also, I wanted to showcase some of the cool pictures Kirsten took. She has quite the talent for photography!

The water fountain at the temple.

Kelty sitting by one of the fountains.

Teagan playing at a fountain.

Teagan is rather camera shy, but we snuck a few pictures of her.

I took this candid shot...