Thursday, March 3, 2011

what we've been up to.

i just bought an awesome deal on ($9 for two movie tickets from Fandango! it's still going on for the next 11 hours so you should buy it too)

just realized our cat may not be hating us, which is usually what's going through her mind when she pees on our bed (yes, GROSS), we're almost positive she has a UTI or kidney infection. and since we're cheap we're not going to go to the vet tonight but we'll wait and go tomorrow, sorry Fatty, you'll have to wait :S

but we (and by we i totally mean dave) gave our dog, sophie, a bath tonight and she smells so sweet now, hallelujah

still nauseous. i'm 17 weeks along yo! why in the world am i still nauseous?? i thought it wears off at like 14 weeks. it's not every night, more like every other. ugh. hopefully it will end soon. pray for me in the mean time ;)

watching Modern Family and loving it. Gloria is my fav and Dave loves Phil Dunphy. both favorites.

i'm gathering a list of things i absolutely need to get as a new mother. if you think of anything that you just found essential, please leave me a comment. i'm all ears.

speaking of pregnancy, we're trying to figure out a pre-baby trip. anyone got some cheap trip ideas? we're probably going to end up in sunny Cali, which there is nothing wrong with, we just really would prefer Greece....sigh. maaaaybe. but most likely not.

aaand that's the smith rundown. thanks for reading.