Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the joys of being pregnant:

[i know many of you have been waiting for me to write that line for many years (6 to be exact), but it's finally here]

1) i went to the dentist yesterday. several things:

a- i told her i was pregnant, she asked how long i'd been married. i told her 6 years. she asked if we had to take fertility treatments.... natural conclusion in Utah i guess. we didn't, in case you too were wondering. we just took a long time in getting to the baby hungry stage (or mostly just me - dave has been dying to be a father for the last few years)

b- i told her that i've had super sensitive gums. first off, i've been so nauseous that just brushing my teeth without throwing up is a huge accomplishment - flossing? forget about it. but i have been trying to be better in the last few weeks knowing i had this dentist appointment. have you heard of pregnant gingivitis? apparently i have it. because your hormones are changing like mad it messes with your mouth and you're more prone to gingivitis :( so my teeth bled a lot yesterday when normally i'm like their star customer. sigh. oh and since my gums were so sensitive she *lovingly* jabbed at them with several hooks and pokers like she had a vendetta against them! i mean seriously - what does sensitive mean to you? jab harder?? i seriously thought i should have taken a Tylenol before coming to the dentist! my gums were sore for hours.

ok enough of that saga.

2) nasal congestion. my. word. no one told me about this!! maybe i just have it worse than other people? i've never had a sinus infection, then i got two in.a.row. and thought something was wrong. i researched it and found that when you're pregnant and your body has more blood flow it also creates more mucus (yes, gross) and you're more prone to a stuffy nose and therefore more sinus infections! boo! so now if i don't sleep with a humidifier, every night, i feel a sinus infection coming on! ugh.

3) on a happy, happy note - we found out yesterday at our 16 week appointment,
we're having a boy!
wahoo! dave is BEYOND excited for another boy in the family (the cat and dog are both female ;). i'm happy too, though i was kind of hoping for a girl because she would have so many girl cousins her age, but of course i'm still super excited. he was jumping around and around yesterday in my belly, making it hard for us to see his... errm... extremities? he had his little legs folded Indian style underneath him so the doc got a shot from under his bum, exposing all ;) what an awesome moment.