Thursday, July 1, 2010

hurray!, again

Since we're first time home buyers we were really hoping for that awesome tax credit. But since we're building, our home won't be completed until around the end of August and we would miss it. For the last few weeks Dave and I have been watching with bated breath to see if the House and the Senate were going to put through and extension which would allow us to get an $8,000 tax return. The first time it went through the House but not the senate and we cried a little but got over it. But we just found out this morning that they have finally put through a modified version of it which will still get us 8 grand! Wahoo! Guess that's going to go in our savings for a rainy day or to make our house payments in advance... (nothing like paying for a vacation to Greece or anything Dave?) Awesome, awesome news.

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Brian said...

Use that money to come to New York! :)