Thursday, July 8, 2010

a house update

Our house is getting closer and closer to completion, kind of making me nervous/excited. They have most of the insulation up and have started on the sheet rock. Craziness. We're super excited though. When we went to visit we headed over to a little lake nearby with some fields. I decided it would be a fun place to take pictures in the future and made Dave be my model... of which he hated every moment ;)

Couldn't decide which picture I liked more. Opinions? It looks a little swampy but it was very beautiful. Some disgruntled geese and ducks got mad at us as we tried to walk along the path. They were sitting right in our way so we steered clear but they all got up and started quacking and batting their wings, making sure we knew they could take us.

Ta-da! Not bad yeah?


Lauren + Joey said...

Oh the house is too cute! I love all the windows! How fun to build from scratch :)

Amy said...

Beautiful! (the house AND the "swamp") lucky you. :D