Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of july = summer = happiness

If I'm not careful this weekend, this could be me..... probably will be. Make no judgements.Dave and I have been going on lots and lots of late night walks almost nightly because it's just so absolutely, beautifully warm. I told Dave the other night that I really want to sleep out on a trampoline like ASAP. He thought we were a little too grown up for that but I say 'what the hay?' let's find some friendly neighbor and become squatters on their trampoline for the night. Who's with me??! We used to do it all the time as kids during those warm summer nights. Granted we usually pooped out around 4 am when we were freezing or when the springlers came on (mom... you were supposed to turn them off for us! ahem.) But fun, fun nights spent talking and looking up at the stars. Can't life be simple like that again please? Can I say I'm soooo excited for this long, wonderful, warm (but not too warm), weekend! It's going to be full of bbq's backyard bands, swimming, FOOD, friends, and family. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

Happy Fourth Friends!


TyandMar said...

One of my all time favorite holidays!!

Brian said...

I'm with you Kirst! I've slept on trampolines before, they're comfy. Dave - you should do it.

And Kirst, my wife thinks you're a pansy for pooping out at 4am. She said, "What? We used to sleep outside all night... in Alaska!"

ariel said...

i don't think i ever made it a whole night on the tramp. somewhere around 4:00 a.m. we ended up coming inside.

but, no, it doesn't get better than the fourth of july!

TyBug said...

"Springlers"....haha I like that. From now on, it's "springlers". It's like sprinklers and pringles all in one.


dave + kirst said...

Haha. Didn't ever realize that! Yup - springlers. It was raining pringles.