Monday, November 15, 2010

veteran's day rocks. especially when you work at a bank. and you get the day off :]

so i spent the day:

sleeping in till 9:30... ooooh yes

going up to Park City to my pop's business to take pictures of him and the office for his new website {if you're in need of an amazing eye doc, he's the one to see}

freezing while taking pictures outside, not ready for this weather just yet

meeting up with my mom to eat at a new/old favorite {i hadn't been there in years, like 10 or more} Kneaders. go, if you haven't. they're actually going to cater my sis's wedding in December and i can't wait to eat the desserts....

returned a pantry organizer we bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because we found a better one at Home Depot (yes, HD, weird) and I bought one of these instead which i've been eyeing for quite some time

this weekend i:

"hemmed" my curtains using Bond 'N Seal and it worked like a friggin charm

hung up some hooks in my bathroom that we've been waiting to do for ages

cleaned the entire house

hung up a few more pictures

yelled at a the worst company, Rugs USA. bought a rug from them two months ago and still haven't seen it, apparently it's on back order and i'll get it in a week and half... i'll believe it when i see it amigos

sanded some stools and other furniture that now is waiting for me to paint them (ok to be fair - Dave sanded them)

went to see The Drowsy Chaperon and LOVED it. Aldolpho was my favorite, he played my "husband" when i did Singin' in the Rain. he's hilarious.

watched the worst movie made, Jonah Hex. i know, i know. why did i even go there? couldn't i tell it was dumb from the cover? i know, but i did. and i wasted 88 minutes of my life

made an amazingly delicious pot roast that dave devoured and had three helpings of

longingly looked at home things online that i'll just have to wait to get till after the holidays...

sat around the house in these amazing things

oh and read two great books, The Lost Hero and The Scorch Trials, liked em both and am annoyed i have to wait a whole other year for the sequels...

all in all, a fairly productive weekend for me. i still have many things i'm working on with my home which are keeping me busy. and yes, i'm still waking up thinking about where to hang things and what to put on what wall and i'm going a little mad in the process...


ariel said...

oh aldolpho killed me! loved it. man in chair was pretty awesome too.

Amy said...

I'm dying to see pictures of the beauty of your new house. Pantry and all! :D