Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I just added this followers section to my blog.

Maybe you all should become a follower.... so it looks like I have more than 3 friends.

Just do it. Make me proud.

Follow me while I post embarrassing insights into Dave and I's life.

And thank you :)

P.S. Anyone else super excited about the royal wedding taking place in Britain?? Go Kate Middleton! Yeah I'm jumpin on that royal bandwagon. And I can't wait to see her wedding dress. Just saw this picture and had to laugh, love the superimposed head ;)

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Emily Kathleen said...

Okay - I admit it Kirsten. I have always been a huge fan of those Royal Highnesses. Diana was one year younger than me - and one year behind me in becoming a wife and mother. I was so sad when she died (even though her life was not really a role model's) - so I am very happy we will have a new princess. I love the picture you posted - one I have never seen. Nice to know there is someone else out there who believes in Fairy Tales!