Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a quick, but painful, update {with no pics, once again}

I don't have time to blog right now :(

'Stress, it's a killer sir.'

Trying to wind down from two wonderful trips, our D.C. trip, and a quick trip to Zion's in southern Utah (pictures may be expected sometime. yup. sometime. I'll get to it when I have a hot minute).

Trying, kind of unsuccessfully, to pack my house.

Wondering if we are going to actually close on the home because we were supposed to on Tuesday but our mortgage broker amended his earlier statement of 'yes, we have everything' to 'oh actually the underwriters haven't received everything from Henry Walker Homes yet.' And Henry Walker Homes replies, 'yes we did send it, will send again since you misplaced it' etc. etc. etc. No fun. Hope we do it before Friday so we can do the move on Saturday...

Went to a specialist for chronic pain in my back, since my high school days. Had x-rays, got an MRI this morning at 7am and consequently erased most of our savings for our new couch, since we haven't reached our deductible. The doc suspects arthritis. Really? I'm only 26. Really doc? That would suck. Especially since it involves steroid injections into my nerve, if the MRI says what he thinks it will (which consequently whittles away more new-home-new-things-fund).

Wondering when life will calm down again. But it will, eventually.


Amy said...

Ugh. So so sorry! Anything I can do to help? Saturday is right around the corner!

I think I'm gonna go watch Anastasia now.

Shawnee said...

Talk to me after you get your MRI results...And if it is arthritis, you can reverse it with exercise.

atec said...

A - That's my very favorite movie ever.
B - I'll be prayin' for you. Please keep updating!!

Lauren + Joey said...

Oh no! I wonder...chronic back pain since high school...cheer? Because as much as we all tried to not use our backs and use our legs for stunting, dang it, it takes a toll on the body!

dave + kirst said...

Yes, Lauren. Remember how I messed up my back senior year? It's still hurting from then... bummer deal. Hopefully this doc can help me out.