Friday, September 10, 2010

another quick, but more positive, update

So we're not going to be able to move this weekend :(

It's looking more and more like the move will take place next weekend. Dave said he's okay with that because he felt a little weird moving on 9/11. For cereal. I feel more okay about it because it means more time to pack - hallelujah! Last night I went through my bathroom and cleaned out all the shelves and drawers. How in the world did I collect so many hotel lotions?? Most things I said good-bye to last night in an effort to de-clutter. It feels so good to de-clutter/DI a house. Did you know that? It's true. But it takes way more time than I thought it would.

Since we aren't sure when exactly we are going to be moving it's been kind of a trip figuring out just what to pack up and what to leave unpacked. And it's kind of sad living in a half boxed up home, I'm just sayin. I'm focusing on packing up things that I rarely use {like bottles and bottles of hotel lotion}; we're packing up our books, and most of the kitchen tonight. What a fun Friday night :)

Tomorrow, since I think we're making good progress on packing, I'll take a break and perhaps head to the Utah State Fair. White trash, fried food and all. Heck yeah!

{On a side note: Vamp Diaries was good last night. What a guilty pleasure that show is for me! And what a nice break from packing.}

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ariel said...

i'm so excited for the state fair! we were going to go on thursday, but the weather didn't cooperate.

and don't even think i won't have a navajo taco AND a funnel cake. cuz i will. i'm a sucker for carnival food.

good luck with the packing...