Wednesday, September 15, 2010

phase 3: gettysburg

Gettysburg: I fell in love with you.
This town was so quaint and lovely, here's a few pics to get an idea.

Peaches for sale? How adorable. I'm in. Love peaches and nectarines. Both favorites.

A malt shop too? Are you kiddin me? Loving it.

This ball underneath the window was an actual cannonball from the battle at Gettysburg. Crazy.

Lincoln head, "Four score and seven years ago..."

This is the section of the battle from the South's point of view; where the fatal Pickett's charge took place and changed the entire course of the war.
These next few pictures were taken on or around Little Round Top hill where Colonel Chamberlain, played by Jeff Daniels in the movie Gettysburg, solidifies the North's win. LOVED that part in the movie. Watch it if you're going there.

These two pictures were taken on the North's side of Pickett's charge, again, the movie made this part of the battlefield really come to life because you knew some of the stories that made this such an instrumental, horrifying, and touching piece of ground. It was really special to be able to visit that sacred place.

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