Sunday, September 12, 2010

part I: two days in d.c.

D.C. What a beautiful place! I loved all the architecture out there - so quaint. So... Full House (which I know was not filmed in D.C., but still cute).

The Jefferson Memorial building. Very beautiful place, reminiscent of his home, Monticello.

I don't have a picture of where we went next, The Holocaust Museum; so haunting. But afterward we were starving and the only place to eat that is remotely close was a hot dog stand that charged an arm and a leg ($6). So below is the worst and most expensive hot dog I have ever eaten.
The Washington Monument.

Dave and I at the base. That thing is ginormous!
Part of the crew sitting by the Washington Monument.

Me and my awkward self portrait; trying to get the White House in the background.

I made the boys, Seth and Dave, venture with me into Soho to go to one of my favorite shops, H & M. Thanks for the patience boys! This picture was just on our way there. It reminded me of something from the turn of the century with it's stripey window coverings.

Day 2: the rally and sweets.
I took this picture from atop of the Washington Monument right at 10 a.m., the beginning of the rally. I made Dave wait in line with me for like 45 min. to get a ticket to go to the top. Pretty rad. 555 feet up in the air. Dave could have sworn he felt it swaying.

Us with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. Crazy. TONS of people. I've never seen so many people. And crazy hot! That muggy east-coast weather is not for me! Next time I got out east I'm thinking spring or fall are the only ways to go.

Us at the rally. Dave sleeping, well he was right up until I took this pic, I joined him later. We're both very political if you can't tell ;)

Okay I think I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone alive. I saw this business featured on the Food Network, one of my favorite channels, like 4 years ago. When we went to D.C. three years ago I made Dave come check it out with me. Pretty dang good. So when I found out our hotel was right next to another location we HAD to go. No exceptions. When in there a cute little black girl and I started window shopping and picking out our favorite sweets. When I was leaning over she grabbed my hair and started smelling it. Confused I asked "does it smell good? or bad?" She responded "who done yo hair??" Then her mom noticed and said "girl, get yo face outta her hair! whattcho doin?" It was so funny. I think she thought I dyed it or something.

Cake Love. Already gotta love the name.

Oooh yes. Delicious. The cupcakes were meh, but my raspberry cake was awesome.

Hopefully I'll get a minute to post the other pictures from our trip. Stay tuned.

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TyandMar said...

Love your pictures. I want your camera. Our camera is 3 yrs old and seems SO outdated when I compare to others'. Oh well.
Glad you guys had fun. Excited for you to move closer. :)