Thursday, September 23, 2010

a blissful evening, many thanks to Mr. Smith

So I'm stressing out. I'll admit it. Moving s.u.c.k.s., in case you don't know. So Dave and I mapped out what exactly we'll be packing each day to have some order in the chaos which is our home.

Yesterday began with getting up at a the ungodly hour of 5:45 (I know those of you with kids are mocking me right now but hey, you're the one who decided to have kids and get up at that time!), and Dave and I met with a mortgage rep to close on our house. Huzzah! Can you believe it? I really can't. My manager asked me if I was nervous and felt like I was signing my life away. Not really, I'll admit. I think it was so long in coming that I was like "ok grab me the pen and let's start signing before I fall asleep and drool on this nice marble table."

Work was one long glorious day of tedium and disgruntled customers. Don't you love those days? Oh and to top it off we had to stay till 6:45 PM to have a 'call-night.' If you've never had to do one of those, count your blessings children. It's cold-calling. To put it bluntly: sales over the phone. Do I hate that about my job? I despise myself when I have to do that. UGH. 'Nough said.

So when I drove home with the despairing expectation that I still had to pack up the specified rooms in the house I kind of wanted to cry. But 'lo and behold' I came through the door and Dave had packed it all!!! And not only that but he let me complain about work, without complaining about my complaining! It was amazing.

THEN he hugged me and asked if I wanted a back rub. Eschoose me? Yes please mi amore! And with that he rubbed away all my stress. I was a new woman.

And because he did all the work we were supposed to do for the night we were able to watch some obsessions of ours, Glee and Modern Family.

And then (really it does continue), Dave sweetly consented to and watched Gone with the Wind, AND he enjoyed it!!!! When I thought we were done for the night at the half way point, I was not the one who pressed on to continue watching folks.

I think he might have been on drugs last night. Seriously.

But I'll take it :]

My. Husband. Is. The. Best.

Neener, neener ;)


TyandMar said...

It looks like Dave was trying to schmooze you for some lovin'.
Just sayin'.

dave + kirst said...

Mar: agreed ;)

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

Lucky girl! Sounds like the perfect end to a not-so-perfect day. =) Congrats on your house. What a huge milestone.

Chris and Tara said...

Wow, he really was on fire. That is so sweet of him. Especially the Gone With the Wind part. I love that movie. I would have enjoyed watching it with you (sorry I never responded about that, by the way) but there just isn't enough time.

I did get some packing done last night though. WOohoo for me. :)

Emily Kathleen said...

I love your blog Kirsten. I LOVE your long hair and bangs! (WE are sort of twinners that way right now - but I am not nearly as beeutiful as you my dear. One day I want to drive the fifteen minutes it would take and bring you some pumpkin bread at your new home. I love you.
It was great seeing your mom a few weeks ago. AND . . . I LOVE Gone With the Wind. Good guy you got there.

Emily Kathleen said...
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