Monday, September 13, 2010

part 2: phili and amish country

Philadelphia, a huge, wonderful surprise. From my friend, Kaesha, who went to school out there I kind of assumed Phili was the ghetto. Probably just where she went to school was because historic downtown was the cutest and hippest little 'ol place. I wished we'd had more time to spend there, not just in the historic part but out and about.

The liberty bell and us.

Independence Hall (where the Declaration of Independence was signed) and us.

The best Phili cheese steak I've ever had. Bravo Sonny's!

Us at the former house of Benji Franklin (there really is only a wall left).

Amish country, (Lancaster, Philadelphia), I will see you again soon. Promise. I loved this place. Unfortunately we only got to spend one evening there and didn't really see anything Amish, other than the occasional horse and carriage rushing past with me frantically fiddling with my camera to try and snap a picture. Sadly the best picture I got was from inside the car zooming by.

Dave and I went 'Amish hunting' that night, with not much success. We saw several Amish carriages but my camera just really couldn't get a good one that late at night. Instead we tried to entice the cows with some grass. It wasn't until Dave shocked himself that we realized it wasn't us they were afraid of, but the fence!

Please forgive the rat's nest at the back of my head...

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Lauren + Joey said...

Kaesh must have made us all think Philly is ghetto, haha :)

And yes girl, I'm in SLC! Joe and I have been back a couple of years now - time flies. I would love to get together to do lunch and catch up!