Friday, October 15, 2010

Some updates.

My back. I had a follow up appointment for my back. Apparently I need to start physical therapy again to loosen the muscles and strengthen (not quite sure how that works) around my spine. I'm also in the 'recovery time period' so I'm not supposed to twist and turn too much or lift more than 15 lbs. I can do that I guess.

"Dave can you get this for me? I can't bend over. Dave can you lift this for me? It's too heavy for me." I think I could get used to that. Do I already do that a little? Perhaps.

Our house. We have spiders, in spades. It's creeping me out! Two nights ago I woke up thinking a spider was crawling on my face and I slapped my face. Twice. It might have been funny except for the fact that I thought a spider was crawling. on my face. whilst I slept.... but it's a little funny now. We're going to get the house sprayed. We think that since we're the only house built in the area but there are homes being built around us, disrupting the soil, they are all congregating at our house where the heat is. Partay at the Smith's! We find at least one a night. Ugh spiders are so gross! I make Dave, or my cat, kill them all. I don't know if I've mentioned that our cat rocks at killing, and eating, bugs. Mosquitos, spiders, you name it. If Dave's not around I'll grab the cat and hold her head toward the bug until she sees it and then game on! That cat is on the prowl and I don't even have to touch the bug. That's really why I own a cat. That, and she's fat and fun to cuddle with.

My belly. We're going to The Cheesecake Factory tonight! Wahoo! Pumpkin cheesecake if you please, let my taste buds rejoice! And it's even better when you have a gift certificate and don't have to pay a dime.

Our car. Our beautiful Mazda has said siyanora to us. We had a good run. But all leases have to come to a, crazily expensive, end. Don't ever lease. It's all fun and games until they hit you with the fees at the end. A $400 return fee? What the heck? So in order for me to give the car back I have to pay you?? Forget it. I'll always remember how wonderful it felt to drive a brand new car, but I'll probably never experience it again... sigh.

Our T.V. We finally have our shows back. Community was hilarious last night, I loved the whole ode to Apollo 13, very clever. Dave baffles me. He told me he really liked not having t.v. for that week and half. Really? So I've decided to try and whittle down our t.v. watching time (and by that I mean I'm going to fast forward between commercials even faster so we can get through our shows quicker. I hope Dave notices a difference.)


ariel said...

whatever, kirsten. i know all of this "back trouble" stuff is just to get out of helping us move...

:) just kiddin. back pain is the worst. i hope the physical therapy helps.

dave + kirst said...

ha. ariel i do try and see the the 'glass half full.' if i have a sucky back i can't help out too much ;) no, you're right though. would totally rather have a healthy back and help move vs. the one i currently have.

Emily Kathleen said...

You don't need me to teach you to cook - it's easy! I am putting together a cookbook of all of my favorite recipes and all the ones that I created. I will make sure you get one - and then you will know everything I do! However, I would LOVE to cook for you sometime! I miss you Kirsten.

Amy said...

I heart you.

And I'm currently swatting at the imaginary spiders on my face. I have the heebie jeebies. Thanks a lot.

Chris and Tara said...

I laughed about you smacking yourself in the face. But only because I did wake up once to a spider on my face. I flicked it away so fast and was in a state of unearthly calm about it. I think my subconsious self knew that if I thought about it too much I would freak out and never sleep again. :)

So glad you're done with the lease. WHat a rip off.