Monday, October 18, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand they say. So here they are :]

It's somewhat 'too little too late' but... meh.

The State Fair.
Ahhhh nachos. They were gooood.

Cows eyes. And udders. You don't see those everyday. Nor would I want too...
Pigs in a blanket. Soooo cute. And little.
Cotton candy. The fair is not complete without it.
And now fall. Summer has ended :(

Bre's birthday dinner. At the Blue Plate Diner. If you haven't been there before you are so missin out. Love it everytime. Breakfast all day - try the banana pancakes. Delectable.
Dad is great, he gives us chocolate cake! {Whoever can name what I'm quoting, you will get a gold star, and personally be invited to eat one of my specialty chocolate cakes, when/if in fact I ever create a specialty chocolate cake.}
Happy birthday bird! Now you can legally {not} drink.


Lauren + Joey said...

Bill Cosby - I win!

"And fire shot from her eye sockets!" LOL

dave + kirst said...

You are SO in the cool club Lauren :) I'm so happy you know that reference. And you may or may not have won some cake... we'll see.

Bre said...

Bill Cosby!!! I need some chocolate cake! Thanks for the recognition sista! Love ya :)