Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lately I've noticed that I've been doing a lot of 'firsts' for me.

1 - I bought a bathrobe. Never had one before and I found an adorable one on sale for $10. I'm liking it! But I feel really old at the same time, like I should be holding my cup of hot chocolate and going out to get the mail and newspaper in the morning while wearing my hair in rollers. Still, a first.

2 - First time going to Tai Pan. I know, I may have told some of you I have been there before but I was really lying. I mean, who hasn't been there right?? Just trying to fit in. I went during 'Girl's Night Out,' BIG mistake. It was crazy crowded and I was totally overwhelmed with so much stuff there! And there aren't aisles or anything, I had to go around in circles wondering if I'd passed that cutesy, antique looking something or other before. A first.

3 - Another overwhelming first, a visit to Hobby Lobby. Wow. I mean, wow. I loved it. It was like Michael's on steroids. Luckily I had a short 15 minute time limit and Dave at my side so I didn't get lost in there, or buy everything in sight. I bought some adorable stuff for our new casa at 50% off. Loved it.

4 - My first hazelnut steamed milk of the season from Starbucks. Ooooh heaven. I think I might get another today....

5 - My first taste of pumpkin pie for the season, courtesy of my lovely mother who made them for 'lil sis's b-day. Happy 21 Bre!

6 - First {and very last} time seeing Bonnie and Clyde. I knew how the story ended, I knew it was depressing but yowzah (yes, I just said that ;) another first, actually). My advice: don't watch it. I know it's a classic and all but it made me feel so sad and depressed afterward.

7 - And finally, I mixed paint at Home Depot for the first time. Forgive my ignorance but I had no idea that's what you had to do. I went to home depot looking for a paint can in the color paint I wanted and I couldn't find it. Luckily I ran into a friend who, after laughing at me (not with me mind you), informed me that you pick out a color and a base and then they mix it for you. Where have I been? I went back to the store with the colors in mind and ordered them at the desk like I knew what I was doing, I felt so grown up and had a slight smirk on my face knowing that I fooled them into thinking that I was a pro. I've got several projects I'm working on that, fingers crossed, will turn out. I'll show 'before and after' pics if they look somewhat decent...


TyandMar said...

First off, bathrobes are so totally IN! I love mine and have never been ashamed. I wear it all winter long. It keeps me warm and yes I enjoy hot chocolate in it.
Second, Hobby Lobby is one of mine AND Ty's favorites. You may not know this, but Ty is a connoisseur of home decor. He practically has decorated our home. Another one of our favorites is Rod Works. Smaller and not nearly as intimidating. Tai Pan is huge and takes forever to browse through. But it does have a lot. :)
Can't wait to see your new abode.

ariel said...

1. wow! never had a bath robe!???? i'm glad that you finally joined the club. they are heavenly.

2. you made me crave a steamed milk from starbucks. it's been tooooo long.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ty gave me his old bathrobe, and it's marvelous. This is my delema: I don't know when to wear it. If I'm gettin out of the shower, I usually just dry off and put clothes on...it wastes time to lounge around in it! Let me know what you do... Yeah, Bonnie and Clyde was depressing me too...oh well. At least the Village was good, and we know Hocus Pocus will be too! Question: have you seen Lion in Winter? with Katherine Hepburn? I want to watch it very soon-you in?

dave + kirst said...

Bre - would LOVE to watch an old movie with Kathy Hepburn witchyou. Name the date. And I'm glad we watched 'The Village' - checked it off my list. Next - 'Hocus Pocus'.

Bathrobe situation - still working on the perfect time to wear it, I'll be honest. Let's brainstorm on Sunday.