Sunday, May 23, 2010


I've had a lot of disjointed thoughts/questions lately that I'd like to write down:

1) Let me apologize for my last blog post. Sometimes you need to just get things out in the open and said, but I fear that I came across as a person full of anger or something but that's not really the case, or at least I hope not. Just tired of customer service ;)

2) I have some Disney VHS movies that I would like to get rid of. Does anyone want them? Gina perhaps?

3) I'd like to make sour dough bread next week. Does anyone have a starter I can borrow?

4) Does anyone want to buy a used Bosch mixer? We're going to try and sell one that was my mom's. I'll post the link soon to eBay so you can see it.

5) Went to my little cousin's wedding shower on Saturday, Jessie, and I'm starting to feel old! She's my little sister's age and cute as a button. Ah it's fun to hang out with cousins and aunts though, makes me think back to my lovely childhood days....

6) Saw the latest Shrek - don't bother with it until you can Redbox it. Have you seen the Christmas show, It's a Wonderful Life? Well that was it in a nutshell.

7) LOST. Amazing! It's taken me like 24 hours to let the finale ruminate and remember scenes and how they correlate in order for me to really be happy about the ending. Sigh, it's finally over... and I'm okay with that. It was fantastic.


Amy said...

I don't think you're a hater. Just needed a 2 second vent. That's all.

Hooray for getting rid of VHS - I'm going to be right behind you....I hope.

Anonymous said...

wasn't LOST awesome!? I know, I dreamt about it ALL NIGHT. but I really loved all the "touch flashes" and I loved how it just emphasized the characters and their relationships-that's what makes a great show ya know? I loved it! eh, shrek wasn't bad tho! better than the 3rd... didn't you love alycia's house? love ya!

TyBug said...

Are you really trying to sell Disney VHS's? Yikes.

dave + kirst said...

NO Brother! I want to give those away. I do want to sell the Bosch however.