Friday, May 21, 2010

let it be known

The Following People Have Been Put on Notice:

1. The mean lady customer who informed me today that I "put her over the edge" and that's partly why she's leaving the bank. Please excuse me for asking to call the other person you wanted to add to your account (I can't add them without their permission, because that's my job). She informed me several times the she's (in caps), "A CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST." Okay. And what exactly do you want me to do with that information? Try desperately to inform your customers who didn't already know within the first 5 seconds of knowing you what a beast you are and to run for their lives before you make them feel bad enough about themselves in their sessions with you that they'll wish they were dead? I wish I could. But I just don't have the time. (This sentiment, by the way, is a mutual feeling with all my co-workers at the bank).

2. The two people this morning who drove the exact same slow speed on a two lane highway so NO ONE could get past them, thereby making us all that much later for work...

3. _______________ (not for your eyes dear readers, only written down to, shall we say, purge my annoyance/anger? yes, that works)

4. _______________ (ditto on this one)

Sorry if you feel gypped on those last two, but I'll have keep my own counsel on those.

Time for work to be over and the weekend to begin, can you tell?


Caprene said...

You should have asked the psychologist a hypothetical question about how she would diagnose a person who... and given her a description of her behavior. She probably wouldn't have recognized you were describing her. =)

Amy said...

Oooh ooh! I think we should guess on that last 2. Let's have a contest!

3. The lady who took the last apple in the grocery store.

4. The man who called the cops on your adorable dog.

If I'm wrong, at least you can be happy neither of those things happened...right? *sigh*

Sorry about the stupid people.

dave + kirst said...

Oh Amy! Thanks for helping me be positive! Yes, I'm glad it was not those two people ;)