Saturday, May 15, 2010

oopsy daisy

Dave and I couldn't find our remote for like 3 days...
wanna know why?
I washed it.
In the washing machine.
We found it last night.
And guess what?
It still works!


TyandMar said...

How on earth did it get in the washing machine...twice!?

dave + kirst said...

well... i pulled out a bunch of blankets that we keep downstairs to wash. i put them on the ground and then when i was going to wash them i picked them up and put them in the wash, unbeknownst to me the remote had gotten tangled up in the blankets. THEN i forgot to dry them and had to re-wash them. so that's how it went through the washer TWICE!

Amy said...

Listen, I've washed a lot of things, and I've found the remote in some pretty strange places....but you washed it? Wow. :D Way to go.