Wednesday, April 21, 2010

whoopie pies

Apparently I talk a lot about food at work... and on my blog... and whenever I'm around anyone... I'm cool with that. My co-worker told me today that I talk more about food than all the anorexic girls she knows (in case you're wondering why she knows so many anorexic girls who are fixated with food, she did ballet at the U).

So I recently went to a new place by my work called The Corner Bakery Cafe and was in heaven. Good food and delicious desserts. I tried out a pumpkin whoopie pie and I think you all should give it a go. Absolutely yummy. This place is so adorable too, it looks like a chic 1920's cafe and has to-die-for food (I promise I'm not getting a kick back by telling you all this ;)

So today I looking up whoopie pie recipes and trying to find an excuse to make them... and somehow not eat all of them by myself, which I can do I assure you.

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Lauren + Joey said...

Corner Bakery is my absolute favorite place! I was so excited when we got a couple here because I used to eat there all the time in CA. You have to try the seasonal baby bundt cakes - to die for. Such great food.