Monday, February 8, 2010

thought for the day

detergent of choice:

So I'm one of those people who is happy to try out different things to see if I like them, to see if they're worth it and then, after quite the deliberation, I'll stick to whatever I think is the best. One of those things is my detergent. I don't really know what my mom used growing up but whatever it was, it did the job. My cousin's clothes on the other hand always smelled deliciously clean, like they had soaked for hours in detergent and came out Downy fresh or something. I decided that I wanted detergent like that. I tried out many different brands. I even stuck with the liquid kind because I thought "hey it's more expensive, it must clean/smell better than the powder kind." Not so my friends. The liquid kind I even noticed can leave like super clean areas of your clothes that stand out (only if you apply it directly on the clothing before you start the load - but who wants to risk that?).

I have decided that powdered, Gain detergent is the very best. I also decided that I love the lavender kind - it's supposed to calm you. Dave likes it too. And it's cheaper than the liquid kind!

A win-win in my opinion :)


Rachel said...

Ok, I'm going to try that next. Seriously, I am always trying different kinds too. I've just never tried a powder.

dave + kirst said...

Rachel if you've never tried powder let me tell you that you turn on the machine - pour the powder as it's filling up and THEN add the clothes once it's disinigrated. Otherwise bad things happen - trust me. But the powdered kind seems to really soak into the clothes and make them smell soooo good!

Ariel said...

happy birthday, kirsten!

hope you're having a fun day :)

Anonymous said...

sister, really? a whole post on detergent?? yup. domestic.