Monday, February 22, 2010

an awkward moment from kirst

Life is sometimes hard being a redhead. Let me say that I can get tan but it takes a long time and I lose it fairly quickly, so normally it's just not worth the effort. I also hate the feeling of being burned so I usually make sure I'm pretty well lubed up, I haven't gotten burned this whole week because I'm so diligent about it. Yesterday, however our amazing spray sunscreen (I'm a HUGE advocate of this stuff btw) ran out right when we got to the beach after I sprayed my arms, and only my arms. Luckily we had a teensy travel size bottle that Dave had to hike back to the car for. We both tried to use it sparingly so we wouldn't have to buy another bottle since we were leaving in a few days. The results took a few hours and were somewhat embarrassing.

Have you ever gotten a bad tan line, like a farmer's tan? Or even got burned in an awkward place (tanning beds anyone?)? Try getting splotchily burned all over your entire body! My poor sputtering spray sunscreen lovingly left splotches of unburned skin amidst bright red skin. And since we both {again lovingly} tried to skimp on the sunscreen we both have sections of skin that resemble red lobster and white fingerprints.

Kind of embarrassing yo! Needless to say we ran to the store that night, bought a ginormous bottle of aloe and sunscreen. Our last day in Cancun consisted of Dave and I dodging the dreaded sun as much as possible and reading. Not that I mind a day of reading but when the beach is calling to you and you're in Me-he-co, it kind of sucked. Oh well! Lesson *hopefully* learned.

I might post a pic of that when we get home if I can swallow my pride ;)


Chris and Tara said...

Oh, no! So sad. But I can't wait to see pictures of the sunburn. Ü Fly home safe.

Rachel said...

That reminds me of the time Collin had Rachel sized hand prints on his shoulders for a few days because I didn't both rubbing the suncreen in.