Friday, January 29, 2010

warm, sunny day anyone?

I was reminiscing as I was looking over pictures from my Italy trip last March and I came across this delicious sunset from the hill top town of Erice in Sicily, looking towards the Mediterranean Sea. This picture just looks buttery warm, like a late summer sunset that you could soak yourself in. I think it's time for those days to come back.

Do I complain too much about the winter? I think I might. But I'm not ashamed. Get me out of this inversion if you please! I don't want my lungs to look like I'm a chain smoker. Supposedly it's supposed to snow tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers double crossed.

Mr. Weather Man,

You promised. Please hold true to your promises.

I can't take much more...


Amy said...

I normally hate summer, but for some reason this year I'm ready for the warm. :)

TyandMar said...

How are you from Park City? You complain more than me! :) It's nice to have warm weather to go and enjoy the great outdoors more, that's for sure.