Sunday, January 24, 2010

awww, aren't we adorable??

This last weekend Dave and I went up to his parent's cabin with some friends and had a glorious time! Here's a few pics. We went sledding and beat Tara and Chris down the hill - no contest people!
Snowmobiling through the trees...

We had a fantastic time, eating WAAAAY too much (that's kind of what dictates me having a good time or not - good food). I made my new year's gaucamole again and it was decent, needed to sit longer to soak up all the different flavors but not too shabby.
This weekend Dave and I had some decisions to make and so went to *el templo for a little inspiration/help (*that's Spanish for 'the temple' for those of you who don't read Spanish, I sometimes slip into it from my high school/college Spanish days).

It was gorgeous up there with the snow falling down, really peaceful.
Awww... aren't we adorable?? And super spiritual as well? ;)
Ok no more sappy pics of Dave and I. I promise.

For awhile anyway.


TyandMar said...

Woah!! Get a room!! I would NEVER act like that with my husband.
hee hee

Brit and Drew said...

I love your hat!! So cute.

Amy said... ARE cute! :)

These really are some awesome pictures.

April HelleDickson said...

I love that Dave is wearing this giant helmet and you have on a cute beanie. And that you learned how to say "temple" in high school Spanish. I mostly learned swear words.

dave + kirst said...

Apes -
'Temple' was learned from my BYU Spanish days of course silly.

And I'm wearing a beanie because I really only went for a spin on the snowmobiles after Dave had been out for hours (the punk! left me rotting while he was having the time of his life! ;) So I didn't grab a helmet. But thank you for watching out for my safety... I think I'll deem you the safety police ;o

Rachel said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Thanks for talking to me on Sunday. It was a good talk. I hope you are at book group tonight!

Sue said...

Yes you guys are super adorable...and very spritual...and really cute. :)