Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a movie review

I loved this movie.

I love historical movies, and the Victorian era is truly fascinating. I think Emily Blunt was fantastic in it along with Paul Bettany and Rupert Friend (Mr. Wickam in the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice - who he is also dating in real life btw).

My friend Hayley and I went to see it at the only place in Utah that you can, The Broadway Centre Theatre downtown. And I would highly recommend it. I never knew a lot about Queen Victoria other than her era of reigning changed the course of England and made it brilliant. What I learned from the movie is how truly a determined and strong woman she was, how her and her devoted husband were fantastic leaders who not only helped the poor, were patrons to the arts and science, but were completely in love.

A beautiful story and beautifully filmed (and gorgeous dresses for those of you out there that love that kind of thing - you know who you are).


Haylscat said...

Yay! Yeah, Emily Blunt was great, and I always love costume pieces. Very sweet story. Who knew? Embarrassingly not us, me with my History major and you with your History emphasis.

dave + kirst said...

She is referring to you Chris Dobsons!