Saturday, September 26, 2009


So we had quite a few eventful things happen in the last couple weeks and since I love taking pictures and I had some good ones I thought I would share them with you all. Enjoy!

I am rehearsing a play at the moment called 'Evita,' maybe you've heard of it? There was a movie made of it staring a little actress named Madonna; co-starring the fabulous Antonio Banderas. This is one of our Evitas and her husband, Peron (who you might recognize from the temple...).

A slew of sunflowers! Does it seem like everywhere you look there are sunflowers swaying in the breeze? I pulled off to the side of the road to snap these beauties.

Have you eaten at the little Mexican restaurant downtown next to the Rio Grande? It's delicious and full of character/history (if you can, try to avoid the bums hanging out nearby).

(My) man's best friend, Sophie.

This is a picture of Dave and I leaving early from a 5k that we had planned to run for the American Heart Association... circumstances called us away... shhhhhh.

Poor, poor Sophie. She was having... erm.. feminine problems. And she hated what we had to do to her. Can you see the "are you serious?" look in her face?

The Greek festival was tons of fun, if you haven't been you should try it out. The dinner, we heard, was amazing. The line was amazingly long, so we didn't get any. We did however get the baklava and it was delicious.

Thanks for reading about us :)
Please excuse my bad job of spelling 'baklava' on my photo, but that takes longer to change at this point so I think I might just leave it. 'Back-lava' doesn't sound very appetizing though does it... oh well. (Maybe when I'm done with this play that's taking over my life I'll have time to change it.)


TyandMar said...

I'm interested to know what circumstances pulled you away from your good will 5k?! :) It's the thought that counts, right?!

dave + kirst said...

It was a multitude of things Mar:

First, I missed the actual race because we were told the wrong time to go so I would have had to just walk the race which I didn't want to do.

Secondly, they started really late and I had rehearsal I had to get to, plus if I was walking instead of running it would have taken even longer.

Thirdly, the dog was with us and she was acting very bizarre (maybe it's because she was in heat?), and we couldn't get her to calm down.

Oh and then Dave wasn't happy about waking up that early ;D

Chris and Tara said...

Poor Sophie! I hope she feels better now.

I'm not sure since the picture was kind of small but I think my mom went to college with "Peron" (my mom was in drama). Was he in the movie Rigoletto?

Amy said...

Meh, 5K Shmive-K. I say when in doubt, take your free t-shirt and run (but not in the race).

You're right, back-lava sounds gross. But it looks SOO good.

Haylscat said...

1- I am honored to be in the Favorite Picture of the Day
2- I am excited to be coming to Evita (twice)
3- When are we going to go and get Rio Grande again?
4- How is Sophie so cute and how can you be so cruel to her ;)
5- 'Back Lava' has put me off baklava for life (Well, maybe just until the next time I have baklava)

dave + kirst said...

Tara - it's totally the same guy! I'm in a play with Rigoletto!

Amy - I agree with the 'take the shirt and run'...which I totally did.

Hayls - I love that pic of you (which is why it's up there).

Erin Lee said...

So when is Evita opening???? And yes, when I was little my parents would always take us to Rio Grande, all while clinging to them with a kung-fu grip so the homeless people wouldn't kidnap me. seriously.