Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the play

My play Evita starts this week so if anyone wants to come and see it you can click here for the theatre's website to order tickets.

It runs from October 2-30 at

I am in the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
, however,

I am covering for my counterpart and will be doing the
whole first week
of the show.

(FYI - I WON'T be doing it Saturday,
October 10th as I'll be in Disneyland!)

When you call the theatre mention that you know me and you'll
get $2 off per ticket!

Be forwarned: I am not in this play a ton, I'm ensemble (I do dance in the front quite a bit though so you can see my dancin' skills ;D). And my sister, Breanne, is in it with me as well so you can see both of us!

Another forwarning: this play is about a woman who sleeps her way to the top, Rodgers Memorial Theatre in Centerville; however, is a family theatre and they have cleaned it up quite a bit. But it is not just a light, happy play and you do have to pay attention to what is being sung otherwise you'll miss the plot. The music in it is absolutely gorgeous, as are the leads who sing them.

We have fantastic leads in this play and we are totally blessed to have them.
Bios on the leads: one of the Evitas is Nate Royall's sister, Erin, who is extremely talented. Her Peron is Joseph Paur who is the guy from Rigoletto (and you might recognize him from his younger days in the temple video ;). The other Evita is Holly Jo who has performed as Eponine for the touring cast of Les Miserables. They are both so good, you'll be blown away. Our Ches are also both incredible.

So if you're in the mood for a good show with fabulous singing and want to catch a glimpse of me dancing my heart out - come see me!

FYI - tonight it our dress rehearsal so if you're wanting to save a buck be at the theatre before 7pm and you can see an almost polished version of our play for free!


Ariel said...

all this time i thought you were rehearsing for AIDA! i don't know who told me that!? or maybe i just heard wrong?

i have to say i'm much more excited to see evita :)

Haylscat said...

Woot woot! Be there Monday baby! (And then again in a few weeks ;)

Chris and Tara said...

Chris and I will check our busy shedg-u-all. What nights is Rigoletto performing? (I know that is grammatcially wrong but I couldn't figure out how to word it. You get my meaning though...) I want to come then.

Anonymous said...

i will be there toooo!