Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day weekend - friday night

Jenn, one of my bff's from high school, and I. Isn't she gorgeous?

A new restaurant to try out.

The garden outside was cute and quaint.

The food was pretty good too.

We did so much this weekend that I thought I would post it one day at a time - I have too many pictures for one post ;D Friday night we met up with some great old friends of ours, Jenn and Russ, and tried out a new restuarant, The Blue Iguana. I loved the hispanic hole-in-the-wall ambiance of the place. They even had live entertainment by two girls and a cute old man playing the guitar and they were fabulous. It's downtown right under Benihana if anyone wants to try it out sometime.


Haylscat said...

Jenn is your bbf? Is that the same as bff? ;)

Mmmm, I could eat chips and salsa for days. You still need to try the Red Iguana.

dave + kirst said...

Ha - thanks Hayls, I'll fix that. And yes! to the Red Iguana. Let's try that next week :D

Shawnee said...

I second you trying the Red Iguana...I think they used to be owned by the same people, but not anymore. I think Red Iguana has better food and still has the hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. :) Brady served his mission in Mexico so he's super picky about "authentic Mexican" food...and he loves Red Iguana too.