Monday, September 21, 2009


Don't do it! Don't change colors on me, not yet. I need a little more time. Oh summer! How I will miss you... What, you may ask, will I miss?

Warm breezes at night.

Not having to wear jackets.

Golden, warm mornings.

Opening my window and letting the breezes in and smelling summer in the air.

Sweet fruits of the season; strawberries, nectarines, peaches, blueberries, and raspberries.

Fresh veggies.

Warm nights playing games on the grass.

Eating lunch at my favorite park, lying out in the warm sun, reading a book.

Drive-in movies (although I didn't make it to one this year).


The 4th of July.

Friends and families hanging out outside all the live long day.

Swimming and water parks (although I didn't get to do much of those this year either).

Lagoon (missed that as well).

I'm sad every year that fall comes around, but I think I'm terribly sad this year because I feel like I missed too many things. I guess I'll plan better next year. Just don't get so cold yet Mr. Weather Man! Give me a few more weeks of warmness! Stop changing colors leaves! You may in a few weeks if you ask very, very nicely.


Haylscat said...

Hey! That's me with a leaf stuck in my hair! Kind of a nice contrast with my blue hoodie ;) Don't be sad, the colors are pretty and we can still go to Frightmares!

Amy said...

Fall is worth loving. Plus it'll still get unbearably hot again. Don't worry.

I was just gonna guess that was Hayley's leafy hair - I'm smart like that.

Also, I like that you say "all the live long day" because it further solidifies our "kindred-spirit-ness" (shut up, that's a word). :)

Josh & Jay said...

Come to AZ. It is still summer here. Actually, it is more than that. We are still reaching triple digits!! They say any day now it will be in the 90's and just the 90's. You know what I think? I think they are all lieing!!!