Thursday, December 1, 2011


Siiiigh.  Oh how I wish I were back there!  Sorry it's been so long between part 1 and part 2 but with the holidays and my laziness and all, time just got away from me ;)  The above picture was taken on a hike around our hotel, pretty no?  I love looking for crabs on the coral beaches in Hawaii.
 Hawaii would not be complete without a stop (or two or three) at a shaved ice place.  We went to this place last time we went to Kauai and think it's pretty awesome.  I made Dave try his with macadamia nut ice cream on the bottom- aaaaamaaazing!  Can you tell how much Dave loved it?
 Mine was so delicious as well - macadamia nut ice cream with pineapple and coconut shaved ice, welcome to the islands....
 This is my mom canoodling with Ro, as he tries to devour his hands, he's really into that lately.  He also likes to stare at his hands while moving them and cooing, it's kind of adorable (and he mostly does it with his left hand which makes me think he's gonna take after me and be left handed).  He also will do this thing where when he's laying on his back he holds up his left arm with his fist tight - it reminds me of "Black Power" and makes me laugh.  Look at those eyes...
 Look at those abs... who is that guy??!  Oh wait...
that's my man!  Hello handsome... ;)  We had a BLAST boogie boarding at Poipu Beach.  The waves were just perfect for it.  We could have stayed out there forever, except when you get rocked because you took the wave a little too early or a little late...not that that happened to me...several times.  You walk out of there caked with sand that you keep finding days later... but it was so worth it!

Dave and I were lucky enough to get to go on a catamaran ride.  The boat stopped off on our way up the Na Pali coast to snorkel (see Dave's pick below) aaaaand I spotted a huge sea turtle, which was the only thing Dave really wanted to see so he was happy.  There was tons of brightly colored fish in the area that they took us to, the best snorkeling experience I've ever had.

 Please make fun of Dave's cheesy face in this pic... ;)
 Oh and I thought you might like to see me steller pedicure that I got to show off on the catamaran since they don't allow shoes... (the color was coral in case you were all wondering... and I know you were)
There were dozens of little dolphins that rode alongside the boat with us.  This one was a mommy and her wee little baby... so awesome.
So the sweet lady who asked to take take our picture... missed the whole reason we wanted the picture, like those awesome cliffs in the background?  Yep.  So I took the picture of Dave, below (while he wasn't looking ;) to get the shot.  The Na Pali coast was one of the coolest things I've ever seen, it was absolutely breathtaking and other-wordly.  There were so many movies that were filmed there as well which was kind of fun to find out.  The waves were crazy heading up the coast and we got soaked heading up there.  On the way back the waves are always calmer apparently but for Dave and I the damage was already done, both sea sick.  HOWEVER... we saw TWO humpback whales on the way back!  I didn't take pics because my camera was in the bottom of the boat and I was too sick to go get it!  We saw a yearling and it totally jumped out of the water landing on it's back.  About 20 minutes later we saw what we thought was it's mother and she hit the water 14 times with her tale.  It. Was. Amazing.
More Na Pali amazingness...  you can't really get to it from the roads on the island, you have to boat out to it so most people don't really get a chance to see it.  Some of the beaches are sacred to the old Hawaiian natives so you still have to have special permission to even land on them, like the one in the pic below.

And that ends it.  I took this last picture as we were heading to the airport... and yes, there was a rainbow. 
Ahhh love that place. 
Until next time Hawaii...


TyandMar said...

Looks awesome Kirst! I've yet to go to Kauai...someday. Glad you guys could go...yet jealous intended. :)

Gina Louise said...

i'm glad you ending up going, even though roman is little. was it hard or easy? you look amazing. and hawaii looks amazing. anthony says we are going next year. it's about dang time i go to hawaii. tempt me no more with your pictures. :)