Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beware, this post has loooads of pictures :)
We were lucky enough to go visit Kauai with my parents this year.  My parents like to visit every few years with the conventions my dad goes to as an optometrist.  We've been with them before to this same convention but we have to say, we'll go any year we're invited!  It was heaven.  We took little Ro with us and just had a ball (not to mention built in babysitters...).  I took the picture above on a catamaran cruise while my parents lovingly babysat - thank you Mom and Dad! 
Here's my pops watching Ro while we got ready for the day.  He's sitting on our balcony of the hotel room that overlooked the ocean... I miss it... sniff, sniff.

Mom babysitting while Dave and I floated down the lazy river at the hotel.  It's kind of hard to bring a baby to Hawaii that can't get in the sun and can't wear sunscreen but if you have grandparents then you're golden.

This is one of my FAVORITE places to eat breakfast, Roy's Poipu Bar and Grill.  I have been craving their banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup for several years (since we last had them), and me and my mom shared them again.  I was not disappointed!
I actually bought some coconut syrup as a souvenir and will be trying it out soon... oh it's making me salivate!
We saw this sweet sign as we started a little hike by the hotel.  Sigh... Hawaii = Romance.
This picture was taken on our hike, pretty sweet huh?

First time in the Baby Bjorn and the kid popped off to sleep immediately.  Dave, on the other hand, was DYING from heat.  He said that's the hottest he's ever been in his entire life - I'd say so too, I married a stud ;)
Another sign we came across on another hike/walk by the hotel.  These are fruits off of a tree, I forget what it's called.  But they TOTALLY look like candy corn no?
My dad is like a professional tour guide when it comes to Hawaii.  So when he gets behind the wheel  he'll take you all over to places he's been from long ago and tell you all about it.  He also likes to take the occasional side road to just check out if it leads you somewhere cool, and 90% of the time it totally does.  The other 10% of the time you're trying to keep from screaming "I'm bored Dad!  And you don't even know where you're going!"  But you don't, and usually you end up in some local's bay that has awesome surfing and you're glad you kept that little thought to yourself ;)
These trees are at the very end of the road that leads past Princeville and Hanalei, it's as far north as you can go on the island from the east side heading up north.  I guess it has an amazing 12 hour hike that ends up right there at the bay, it's super dangerous and muddy and Dave and I totally want to do it someday.  I just can't be nursing a wee babe at the time ;)  These trees grow right on the coast with all their roots exposed and sea lions sleep under them, we saw two while we were there.  They just hang out while the tourist mill around them sun bathing.  I love Hawaii, it's so laid back even the tourist aren't so surprised when awesome wildlife is hanging out right next to them. 
We even saw a mermaid while there, she was pretty chill, had awesome sea shells.
This was taken at the "local's bay" my dad happened to find.  He remembered seeing surfers here from years ago and was happy he found the same bay again.  The sun was setting and it was gorgeous.
Ro even took a dip in the ocean (or his tootsies did).  His first ocean experience! which he will remember forever... well I will and I'll have pictures to prove it ;)
You can see by his face how much he enjoyed it - a little freaked out but mostly totally excited, as we all were to be in such a be-a-utiful place.


Tiff, Ry, Jayden, and Alex said...

Aw Kirst Im so jealous! And you're looking amazing. Im glad you guys are back- now we need to hang out! I miss Roman!

TyandMar said...

Oh dang you Kirst. It takes every ounce of my body to not make a sarcastic jealous comment. So, I'll just end with an "I'm happy for you guys." :)
So So Jealously happy!!!

bre and add said...

LOVE! Those pancakes look...AMAZING! Ro looks like he enjoyed himself!

Mom said...

Very good memories, aloha!! xo

Mom said...

memories! aloha, xo

ariel said...

:) you're making me sooooo excited for our trip! cute pictures. that is one adorable baby.

Erin Lee said...

These pictures make me ache for a vacation! So jealous.