Thursday, November 17, 2011

a halloween back east... so beautiful

Dave's family was super nice and took us back east to their town home in Nauvoo and a visit to Springfield, IL to see Abe Lincoln's house.  It was so fun and the foliage was absolutely divine, I was in love with all the trees and their fall colors!  We went to many of the historical places while we were out there, Carthage and some of the pioneer homes.  Dave and I had been to most of them before sine we'd both done a semester at BYU Nauvoo, but I haven't been back there in almost 8 years (my! how time flies!)  We also took a horse ride in Nauvoo and both Dave and my sweet baby fell asleep, I snapped a picture and Dave woke up (angry ;)
 There is a big celebration in Nauvoo for Halloween and I've never seen so many people there!  They have hundreds and hundreds of carved pumpkins lining main street and you can go into every little old shop and trick-or-treat.  They had a little costume parade, free food, live bands, a haunted house and some awesome costumes. 

 We both got pretty into it :)
 Oooh look at my little sweet baby, such a doll.
 Roman got to enjoy some time with his cousins, Kelty and Teagan and had a blast.
 We did a session and some sealings at the beautiful temple.
 We headed over to Springfield, IL where Abraham Lincoln his first home with his wife.  They've preserved the home as well as several homes surrounding it so you can walk around the little village and do tours.  On this particular day they also invited kids to come and "meet" historical figures and go trick-or-treating.  We took our chubby pumpkin and headed out for candy (mostly for me to eat).

 Cousins as Rapunzel twins.

This last picture is of Dave and his sis, Jaimie, that I just loved and had to throw in.  Jaimie helped us out a lot with Ro - thanks again Jaimie!

Posting soon.... Kauai pictures!  Sad to be home... 


Amy said...

So fun! That picture of Roman in the stroller just melts my heart - it's no surprise he's so beautiful.

TyandMar said...

So cool that they have such a fun Halloween celebration! I love that temple! It's so beautiful inside and out!

Scooter and Jessica said...

How fun! We live so close to Nauvoo but haven't been since we moved here. Your post inspires me to go! Roman is just darling!