Wednesday, August 3, 2011

what a difference a week makes! little roman turned on week old yesterday. we've been parents for one whole week. craziness.

it's been a whole week of changes for the smith household.

first off, how wonderful are these two women??!

the grandmas. they have helped dave and i immensely over the past week. each one sleeping over and taking care of the babe during the night and handing him off to me when he was hungry. it helped me get just a little bit more sleep every night which was soooo helpful, as any new mom can tell you :)

roman's first bath, not his happiest moment...

dave's little buddy. my friend says she loves this stage - she calls it the 'tree frog' when they cuddle up like that.

we sold 'the golden oldie' (a.k.a. our POS Saturn). dave hadn't even finished putting it up on KSL with all the pictures and he had 4 phone calls in 5 minutes. people kept calling all night long and then in the morning someone even showed up on our doorstep asking to see the car. it was crazy. we sold it for like $500 more than we thought we would! we were told that cars that sell for as little as ours are in high in demand since 'cash for clunkers.' hurray for us!

oh look at that cute boy! just had to slide that picture in there.

because dave sold our car for more than we thought... he bought a motorcycle and is now going to sell his beloved scooter (below). so if you know anyone is in the market... it gets 75 miles to the gallon! we've loved it, and saved bukoos of money on gas... just sayin...

ok, one last picture of the baby. poor kid, we took him on his first walk and the stroller was a little too big for him. so we strapped him in and i just had to laugh and laugh. the kid is going to hate me when he's older for what i did to him ;) oh this boy has stolen our hearts.

we sure love him!


TyandMar said...

He's so sweet! Love the pics. Love the tiny newborn stage too...except the lack of sleep, which you guys are blessed to not have right, just eat up the tiny stage of the little guy!

bre and add said...

bukoos?? hmmm. cute babyyy!

Dagley Family said...

Yeah! Love the pics of Roman. Need to come see him when I am all better.

Chris and Tara said...

I love the little tree frog! Yay for the car and yay for the motorcycle. And yay for sweet pictures of Roman!