Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the cutest little birth mark
in. the. world.
at the smith household we have been:
(not doing much of anything actually, but if you really want to know...)

I've been looking desperately for a BOB jogging stroller on KSL in my budget (because I desperately want to lose this baby weight!), so if any of you know anyone selling one or want to get rid of your own... I'm your girl, as long as it's in my budget ;)

I bought a breast pump, those things are pricey!  And yes, I bought it off my good friend KSL. 

I've been fattening up my son, little by little, feeding by feeding (does he sound like a vampire or do I sound like the witch from Hansel and Gretel?).  He was 8 lbs  4 oz last Friday, gaining 9 ounces in a week!  What a superstar son I have :)  We are weighing him again on Friday and I'm hoping he gains another 6-9 oz.  After that I don't think I'll have to go in and weigh him everyweek.

I've been getting prepared for Roman's baby blessing on Sunday!  If you're in the area you are welcome to come - 9am!  Got him the sweetest little white romper that came with a newsboy cap that is like 17 times too big for the boy.  We'll see if he can pull it off.

I've been trying to eat healthier, like I had a huge plate of salad today for lunch and it was delish!  If only I had stopped at that and not eaten the ice cream...

I cleaned up sweet Roman's second 'blow-out' to date - right after giving him a nice bath and swaddling him in a white clean outfit and blanket.  So since I hadn't thrown out the bath water yet, I doused him in it again, and we were both much happier.

Lastly, I have been to Target more times than I care to count this week.  I went to get some cheap work-out clothes and of course didn't want to take the time to try them on. When I tried them on at home I was pretty humiliated to learn that all of them, bought in my normal size, were too small.  I got them for the sole purpose of losing weight but when buying them forgot all the weight that I'd gained... had to go exchange them all.  Sigh... 

I'm off to gnaw on a carrot stick now.


bre and add said...

Ah sis! you silly. So I'm confused-you gave romy 2 baths?? mmm-my favorite healthy snack in hummus and carrots! It'll help take the sting off ;)

TyandMar said...

Oh Kirst. You skinny minnie. Patience is a virtue. :) I promise the weight will come off. Give yourself 9 months! I'm serious! My baby's only 6 months and I'm still patiently waiting some lbs to leave me be. In the meantime, enjoy the extra curves like I have. :)