Sunday, May 29, 2011

What did I do for Memorial Day weekend? Well while my sweet hubby left me... for several days... and hiked the Grand Canyon with my family, I hung out with my sister and her kids, while her husband was off gallivanting with mine. And it was a blast! We did our own hike - Memorial Hill in Midway, that only amounted to 1 mile up and 1 mile down (please remember I'm almost 7 1/2 months prego so I think that's good enough for me!)

How freakin cute am I? This is my nephew Louis. Soooo adorable you could eat him up huh?

Me and my sis, Mylissa. Forgive my chubby face... blame it on the pregnancy :)

My nephew Jimmy was in a mood all weekend. I asked him to show me his 'scowl' and he misinterpreted and tried to show me is 'scar' on the top of his head. When I said, 'no, your scowl' he gave me this confused look on the right and I said 'never mind, got it.' Confused look/scowl = same difference ;)

Dave came back tonight and said he 'rocked it.' The Grand Canyon was tough but apparently Dave was tougher ;) My parents, my brother in law Wayne, my aunt, her daughter and her daughter's friend went down a day before and hiked from the North to the South rim. Dave, his brother Seth and my nephew Nate met up with them there and my parents and Wayne hiked the 20 miles back to the North rim (yes, you read that right, my parents and Wayne hiked rim to rim, to rim in two days.... they're totally nuts). Dave and his brother had a ball hiking back, it took them 13 hours, lots of water/Gatorade and tons of my dad's corny jokes to keep them going. The first day of the hike my mom, Wayne and cousin Katie got pretty dehydrated. It was 99 degrees at the bottom of the canyon - ugh. Wayne got super nauseous at the end of the first day and was throwing up at the end of the second - can you blame the guy? 44 miles in two days would take it out of you! My parents however, both in their 60s, just kept chugging away and did great. In Dave's words: "they're machines!" Unfortunately Dave didn't take a camera so he didn't come back with any pictures but he said he 'definitely had an adventure this weekend, every minute of it.' Welcome back my sweet!


Brian said...

Blarg!! No camera?! Dave! Wha? Why?!

Anyway, I really want to hike it (and Isa said she'd do it if I do). Do you need permits or can you just show up and go in?

TyandMar said...

Next time we get to go too Kirst. :) Thanks for the update...though we were part of your weekend but didn't seem to make it in the post...sad. Guess we're not that memorable?! :)

dave + kirst said...

Oh mar! I was going to write a lot more but I got so frustrated with the pictures not being more clear and the spacing being off and REFUSING to be corrected! Ugh I was so mad last night at my computer! No wonder I don't blog much anymore!

Jasmyn said...

You mean you didn't want to hike the Grand Canyon while pregnant?! :) Just kidding...we hiked to Ensign Peak (a really wussy hike) when I was about 8 1/2 months along with Hannah and I was still out of breath by the top! Hope you're doing well, dear - we should get together, sorry I've haven't been great at keeping in touch!

bre and add said...

Haha! That's awesome! Congrats Dave! That sounded like quite a feat! Happy Memorial Day! Thanks for blogging :) maybe I can help you out with some of those frustrations?? My version doesn't seem that complicated? Love you sis!