Sunday, July 24, 2011

stretchy pants and stretch marks {on my feet...}

do these feet look like the feet of a four hundred pounder? i'll answer that for you. yes, they do. but thankfully i didn't gain that much weight while pregnant ;) just take off a zero and you'd be closer to the truth. anywaaays... enough about weight gain. my sister, who worked as a nurse with OBGYNs told my mom that my feet were "the worst pregnancy feet she'd ever seen" and i have to agree with her. for all you moms or pregnant ladies - no, i do not have toxemia, yet ;) my blood pressure has been super low and the protein in my urine has been fine, though they have checked it several times to make sure...

i'm to the point where the only things that fit now are dresses and stretchy pants:

"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

(or when you're pregnant you wear them all the time and it's not so fun)

but eating off your own customized table sure is fun.

this guy sure is fun as well. and who couldn't love that cat?? i dare you not to love her. dave and i definitely have a love/hate relationship with this animal. just look at her! she melts our little hearts.

this is one of those love/hate moments... i found this adorable animal sleeping in our baby bassinet... (which we plan to clean so don't you germa-phobes worry), just look how sweet she is!

and here are the unfortunate stretchy pants in action, me looking my best at 'Harry Potter 7.2' - {NOT my best picture, actually probably the worst prego pic thus far...}

here's me and my 'gut-twin' (my bro, Jed) on a 3 or 4 mile hike over the 4th of July. i made it to the top! however i almost died doing it, it was so bloody hot!

and now onto the nursery. talk about 'nesting'! i've been trying to get this nursery together as well as making sure i have all the right products and things so i'm as prepared as i can be (although i'm told you can never be prepared, and i'm sure that's right). i've kind of been obsessed with making sure i have everything and reading reviews on all the strollers and best breast pumps, and baby carriers, and everything else i could think of. after several wonderful showers and dave and i exchanging things and buying things off eBay, i think we're set now ;) this week the nursery will be 95% complete. the most adorable elephant hamper that i bought at the end of may, yes - may, won't be here until the end of august. it's on back order. but most everything else will be here. so below are a few 'teaser' pics :)

dave and i sit in the nursery now and just are amazed at how much time and energy went into that cute, but small, room. but it'll be worth it in the end.... right?

we made that pelmet box on the left- pretty cute huh? oh and that 'R'? that's for Roman, what we decided to name the little guy, pretty cute too huh (no middle name yet so don't ask ;)?

more on the nursery and baby showers later. aren't you proud of me for blogging at all?? hopefully i'll be able to blog about the rest later this week since tuesday is my last day at work - waaaahooooo! then i'll be able to put up my feet all day and hopefully they won't look like miss piggy's feet too much anymore...


Amy said...

Oh honey!!!!! I'm sorry about the feet. But the nursery is adorable and so are you! :D

TyandMar said...

Kirst, you are such a cute prego girl! What's wrong with the Harry Potter pic?! You look cute!! I can't believe how close you are to the end! It's so close. Can't wait to meet the little man. He's one lucky little dude. Until then...let's go swimming! :)

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Soooo close!!! Thanks for letting us hang out with you last night! I can't wait to meet Roman!!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh my GOODNESS, Kirst! This little guy had better be so grateful! I'm in love with his name :) You are DARLING and seriously look so gorgeous (with the one exception of your feet.. ouch).