Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who's ready for spring?! Raise yo hand!

I'm sooooooo beyond ready. This cold weather and inversion are killing me. I might already have started watching summer shows so I can imagine myself in warmer weather. Who wants to take a Caribbean cruise with me? I could go tomorrow, I could go tonight. I would leave this instant.

One of my adorable old lady clients was telling me how for 40 years she and her family would go to BYU Hawaii where she would teach during the spring term (jan-march). Some people get all the luck. Maybe I should have become a teacher of sorts and done the same thing. Maybe Dave and I should just move there permanantly because I just can't handle this cold weather anymore. Maybe you all should come visit.

Maybe in another life.... or this one, you never know.

Sigh.... anyone for watching Oklahoma with me? I'm down with another summer movie if you want. Just let the winter end. Please.

1 comment:

bre and add said...

I'm down for some oklahoma-addi probably isn't...don't know why but he doesn't like that one! Lame. Did you take that pic?