Sunday, January 16, 2011

six years and counting

dec. 29

{this is rather late to post but better late than never}

Dave and I celebrated our six year anniversary on December 29th. I think most people, because we don't have children yet, think that we're newly weds, especially in our new ward, but we're not. Six wonderful years we've been together and loving life.

This last anniversary fell on a Wednesday and Dave and I decided to both take the day off. First experienced our first massages at a place in Orem (we got a smashing deal thanks to!), and had a great time.

Next we decided to go to where it all began, where we met. And that ladies and gentlemen would be the BYU library, yes, that's right. The library. It was kind of a ball walking all around the old campus again. Lots of good memories there. We got some delicious Valentine's candy at the BYU bookstore (yes they were selling it that quickly after Christmas). While we were visiting the business building a storm took us by surprise. It was a crazy storm! We still had to eat dinner in Provo at a little place that I love but we were nervous about the weather. Decided to brave it and go to dinner anyway.

So that leads us to De Mae a delicious little hole in the wall place on Main Street in Provo where I tried sushi for the first time in college (and it's kind of the only place I will eat sushi because I'm not that adventurous). Dave does not like sushi at all, so he decided to get some pimped out ramen soup instead.

After dinner it was still snowing quite a bit so Dave thought we should wait it out. We decided to see the movie True Grit which we quite enjoyed, except for the last 5 minutes, rather depressing ending.

It was a great, relaxing day. The perfect way to spend our sixth year anniversary.

Love you hon! Here's to many more!

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Chris and Tara said...

Happy SIX! We miss you guys.