Monday, January 10, 2011

the reception.
le jardin.

at the reception center, Addison trying to get into "the zone" before the reception begins.

obviously having a great time, even before the reception started.

everyone helping to set up the center pieces prior to the reception.
those are pin wheels that i made to put in the vases.

me with the bridesmaid's flowers.

the siblings.

the ONLY picture I got of the couple as they left the reception in a whirlwind.
it all happened too fast! ha. but i kind of like it.


Tami Gemmell said...

Hi this is Tami Francis from Park City...I'm trying to get in contact with Emily....can you send me her contact info to tamigemmell at yahoo dot com thanks

Emily Kathleen said...

I love seeing you six Briggs siblings all together. You are all still so beautiful and I love each and every one of you. So sorry I missed Bre's reception. Thanks for sharing the grand pictures Kirst.