Saturday, November 7, 2009

an ode to fall... with some friends

I love all these fall colors! While on lunch (at my favorite spot of course) I decided to take a few pictures to pay homage to fall. Love these marigold-colored leaves.

While there I was suddenly mobbed by two delightful companions who promptly made themselves at home on my blankets... but my oh my, they were so adorable! They belonged to a guy who breeds these cuties and he was out walking them. They're six week old pittbulls and the most snuggly dogs I've ever met. If anyone is interested they sell for a bundle ($1500ish) but he had some older dogs (like 3 mo.) for about half that. Just leave a message and I can get you the company's info.
Brother and sister...

I'm pretty sure he wanted me to take him home, look at that face! So sweet.

Yeah they seriously were laying all over my stuff, and sleeping I might add, after like 10 seconds of running up to me and and sitting on my book.

See Mar - I think I'm half and half. Love dogs too.

(Sorry you got two posts in a row about animals - I am totally an animal person though so... you'll just have to deal with it ;)


DaveandKirstenSmith said...

This post is amazing! What a talented and beautiful spouse I have! Let's make out...

Anonymous said...

dave, stop that inappropriate speech! um, kirsty, love the pictures! :) i wuv fall too! we should play, good thing i'm gonna be lonely over thanksgiving! have fun at rehearsals.