Sunday, November 15, 2009

graham family photos

the whole graham family plus Indie the dog
(yup, named after Indiana Jones)

why, hello blue eyes

the parents of FOUR boys... i don't know how you do it myliss!

a little silliness to help the boys get their wiggles out,
and they had plenty of them (being boys and all...)

cute, cute owen

nate and isaac

the PERFECT Christmas picture!.... if only owen were in there... crap

another cute shot of the parents with the adorable lil jimmy

Thanks Myliss for letting me take pictures of your wonderful family!


TyandMar said...

Love them photographer Kirst. You're fabulous.

Linzy said...

Cute pics! So I made your smashed potato soup...YUMMY! I didn't use the bell pepper though and I added minced onion, garlic powder and some cooked chicken at the end. So good!

Haylscat said...

Turned out great- I love how it even looks like Indie is smiling in the first one. Oh Jimmy and his pretty eyes. Gonna be a heart breaker!

dave + kirst said...

Linzy - that sounds better than the bell pepper - yummy!

Tiff, Ry, and Jayden said...

Well done Kirst! They turned out really cute! And cute family!!!