Monday, August 3, 2009

things i'm excited for this week:

1 - Shark week on the Discovery Channel (I'm TERRIFIED of sharks but totally fascinated with them at the same time, call me crazy)
2 - let's go Outback tonight - it's a new month, time to eat out
3 - buy 1 get 1 free Jamba! (Chunky Strawberry is my favorite, email me if you want the coupon)
4 - the So You Think You Can Dance finale! I'm a total addict - Brandon should win, not sayin he's my favorite but he really is the best
5 - the temple on Saturday, bring on the blessings please
6 - BBQ with my wonderful friends from my Europe study abroad (our first BBQ of the summer - sad, I know)


Ariel said...

i'm amazed that janette is gone. i thought she would win, but she's not my favorite either. i like evan :)

Haylscat said...

1- Oh, I love me some Shark Week- remember Tracey's advice on 30 Rock? 'Live every week like it's Shark Week.' Ha!
2/3- Outback- good coconut shrimp. Mmmm, Jamba. I got that coupon too and I just need to remember to use it
4- I am all about the finale- I agree that Brandon is great but he still bugs me- I want Jeanine to win
5- I need to go too- I just got my new recommend and need to break it in
6- Yay that's me! What shall I bring?

TyandMar said...

How come that list doesn't say "..with Mar and Ty?" Hmmm... :)
Brandon has zero personality. Kayla flails herself around alot. Evan seems like a cute kid. Jeannine has all the guys drooling. Brandon will win. I wanted Jeannette to win. She was adorable.

Chris and Tara said...

Jeneane was my pick from the start. Love her! I'm so glad she won. Ü

Jasmyn said...

You guys barbequed without me?!? Just kiddin. :) I don't really think I was up to coming--in my delicate condition and all...

Although, it's getting less delicate by the day and you and Hayley really need to come visit me. I hear you're rehearsing for Evita? Yes, I need to catch up with you--we should make plans to do something with our brains this fall too, don't you think?

(I know we started a blog once in our more ambitious days...we could crank that back up...:))

Love ya,

Sue said...

Ha ha! Don't tell Darin but I am scared to swim in the ocean because of sharks. I'd love your jamba coupon if it is still good (and I think you have my e-mail). Outback was delicious! We should go again sometime.